What Blinds Can I Use On My Sliding Doors?

When it comes to finding a blind solution for your big glass expanses like sliding doors or bifold doors we can certainly help you. For these types of windows or doors you need an option that can help provide shade and keep your space cool while preserving the beauty of the design feature of sliding doors. At Shutters & Shades we offer a fantastic DIY product that is easy for you to fit yourself at home; Honeycomb blinds.

Honeycomb blinds, which are also known as cellular blinds are characterised by their unique smart cellular pleated design. The double-walled honeycomb structure makes the fabric extremely strong, durable and flexible

Honeycomb or cellular shades are designed with insulating cells that trap air, providing excellent thermal insulation. They can help keep your space cool in summer and warm in winter. Cellular shades come in different opacity levels, including sheer, light filtering, and room darkening, offering flexibility in light control and privacy. The two best styles for doors are Vertical and Smart Fit.

Vertical Honeycomb Blinds for Doors

vertical honeycomb blinds

Our Vertical Honeycomb blinds are purposely designed for extra-large windows, sliding or bi-folding doors. With inobtrusive handles the vertical cellular blinds act with a horizontal motion and subtly stack to the side of your doors, so you can make full use of light and views when needed. They are easy to use and offer a modern resolution for blocking out sunlight and also provide privacy when required. Vertical honeycomb blinds are available to you in Room Darkening, light filtering and Sheer. They are also available to you in a variety of colours & cell sizes.

vertical honeycomb blinds on large terrace window

Smart Fit Honeycomb Blinds

Depending on your doors, you could also consider our smart fit honeycomb blinds. This smart fit honeycomb model manoeuvres by lowering the blind from the top to let in the natural light, while providing privacy, raising the bottom like a traditional blind or both depending on your needs. The cordless blind fits directly within the window surrounds providing outstanding insulation and sound absorption whilst maximizing privacy and limiting day light.

cordless smart fit honeycomb blinds in a bedroom

If you are wanting to look at additional options we can still assist you, as we also offer roller blinds & plantation tracked shutters through our sister business The Shutter Shop.