Purewood Venetian Blind

£182.00 per m2

Our Pure Wood Venetian Blinds offer a stylish alternative to Shutters, also providing fantastic light control and privacy. Beautifully crafted from sustainable hardwood they are stylish, lightweight and functional and provide a clean and contemporary look for your windows. Suited to dry rooms not prone to condensation.

Product Features
  • Increase Privacy & Control light
  • Sustainable Hardwood
  • Lightweight & warp resistant.
  • Hygienilac wood lacquer to kill bacteria for up to 10 years
  • Finished with 10 coats & UV protective layer to reduce fading
  • Available in 8 paint colours & 15 stain colours
  • Available with cords or tapes & comes with Child safety cord consolidator
  • Option of 50mm & 63mm slats