detail of a cellular blind

Are Honeycomb Blinds Energy Efficient?

We can quickly answer this question, Yes! Honeycomb Blinds are incredibly energy efficient and great insulators. In fact, they are one of the best and low cost window dressings that can conserve energy within the home, they provide a powerful extra thermal layer that will reduce heat escaping from your windows and therefore lower your heating costs in winter and keep you cooler in the summer months.

Honeycomb blinds, are also known as cellular blinds or cellular shades. Their name comes from their clever design. They have they have a unique cellular formation, folding up alongside crisp pleats to create a honeycomb hexagonal shape. Our honeycomb blinds are available in a variety of pleat sizes, colours, and light filtering options (including a blackout honeycomb blind option).

lounge with large windows and honeycomb blind as window dressing

So, how are honeycomb blinds energy efficient? The answer to this question is in the design structure of the honeycomb blinds cells. Their hexagonal cells work by trapping air in their individual pockets and slowing down the transfer of heat, this means that they will trap cold air in the winter months keeping you warm and trap hot air in the summer months, keeping you cool.

bedroom with vertical honeycomb blind  and two smaller windows with roller blinds

Other than being energy efficient, Honeycomb blinds also have many other benefits too; They are lower in cost than other window coverings, sleek in appearance and neatly fold back into tight stacks, provide excellent privacy and have noise cancelling benefits too. In addition to these benefits they also come in a wide range of colours, light filtering options and pleat sizes too. We also offer honeycomb blinds in many different styles to suit your windows: Corded, Cordloop & Smart Release, Smart Fit, Cordless and Vertical.

bedroom with a black vertical honeycomb blind

At Shutters & Shades we believe Honeycomb Blinds are an excellent consideration for your home windows.