How easy is it to fit Shutter Blinds?

How easy is it to fit Shutter Blinds?

Fitting your own Shutters is an increasingly popular option for many homeowners. However, how difficult it may be to do is often a concern we hear from new customers who may not have ordered Shutters before. Please be reassured that if you have a relative competency & confidence in DIY, the correct equipment and if they are measured correctly, fitting Shutters to your own windows is surprisingly simple! It is also a great way to cost save, by removing the additional cost of installation off your budget and making shutters an affordable option for your home.

At Shutters and Shades, we have a page dedicated to “How to Measure and Install your Shutters”, which will guide you through the process step by step, we also have videos for you to watch which can be additionally beneficial. Also, our knowledgeable and experienced team will be on hand to speak to you on the phone or via video link if you require some additional support at any stage of the process. We will also always speak to you on the phone to confirm the details of your order before it goes into production.

When your shutters arrive with you, we would recommend that you read fully through the installation instructions on our website before starting so that you are familiar & confident with what you need to do, then unpack and layout the frame and panels, get your fixtures ready so that you can see what you need to do ahead of starting.

A key part of making the installation process easy for you is measuring for your shutters accurately, as all of our shutters are custom made to your windows. What will you need to measure for your shutters? To measure for your shutters accurately you will need a good quality measuring tape, a spirit level, a pen and paper. Our measuring guide will talk you through the rest of the process depending on your window shape.

Your shutters will arrive in clearly labelled boxes and will be ready hinged. To install your own shutters you will need a small hammer, a drill, a spirit level and the correct fixings for your shutters that will be included in your shutter boxes.

Following our installation guide and taking your time, we hope that you find that fitting your own shutters really can be easy!