What wood is the best to use for Shutter Blinds

What wood is the best to use for Shutter Blinds?

Wood is traditionally the material used to manufacture plantation shutter blinds however, it is not the only material! In terms of the materials for our shutter blinds we have a choice of options available including hardwood, but also MDF and ABS plastic options.

When considering the question of which materials are best, or what wood is best to use for wooden shutter blinds, we must look at both the suitability of the material for the shutters but also the most environmentally friendly and sustainable tree options being used too.

At Shutters & Shades we are proud to provide the best quality of materials for our shutters whilst remaining sustainable. The woods we use in our shutters come from sustainable plantations, which means the trees are harvested in monitored plantations and using tree types that regrow fast.

So, what wood is best to use for shutters? The answer is a hardwood.  The hardwoods that we use in our shutters are Paulownia, Ayous Hardwood & white teak. Hardwoods are less likely to decay than softer woods and are also suited to craftmanship and carving – perfect for producing shutters!

The quality of the timber used to manufacture them also means that they will stand the test of time, making them a considered, long lasting and sustainable purchase for your home! One of the benefits of choosing a hardwood shutter is that it is lightweight, meaning that it is particularly suitable for larger size windows as it is less likely to warp, it is also great if you have a special shaped window. Wood is also incredibly long lasting, robust and the grain is often more visible making them have a more traditional and tactile look

Our Hardwood Shutter products include; Samoa, Cuba and Fiji. However, our most popular product is in fact Antigua which is manufactured using MDF, a highly durable and cost effective option you may also want to look at. Bermuda is also a popular consideration and uses a combination of MDF in the frame and ABS plastic louvres. In summary, there is not just one answer for which wood is best to use for shutters. Depending on the size of window, which room they will be in, how often the shutters will be used, budget, design aesthetic and personal taste, there are different shutter materials for you to look at and we are at hand to guide you to the best option for you and your home. Wood or Faux wood – there are options for you.