Solid Raised Tier on Tier Shutter

£313.20 per m2

Often seen as a more classic and traditional look, solid panels are designed without louvres and privacy and light is controlled entirely by opening and closing the panels. Made using the highest quality hardwood they are beautifully crafted and create a simple and stylish look. In Tier on Tier they are one of our most versatile shutter ranges and provide you with the maximum level of flexibility in regards to your lighting and privacy requirements. With a similar look to that of a full height shutter, they cover the whole window but have separate top and bottom panels that can open independently of one another.

Product Features
  • Premium Hardwood Shutter Panels
  • Great for controlling the light
  • Traditional & simple style
  • Two levels of shutter panels for maximum flexibility
  • Sustainable wood
  • Available in 23 paint & 27 stain colours
  • Increases insulation
  • Provide a good level of blackout when lower and upper panels closed