Java Tier on Tier Shutters

£324.00 per m2

Our Java ABS shutters are 100% water-resistant. This feature makes them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where the shutters may be subject to condensation and wet conditions. ABS, is a lightweight hardwearing plastic, a much more elegant material than vinyl, often used for manufacturing cheaper shutters. In Tier on Tier they are one of our most versatile shutter ranges and provide you with the maximum level of flexibility in regards to your lighting and privacy requirements. With a similar look to that of a full height shutter, they cover the whole window but have separate top and bottom panels that can open independently of one another.

Product Features
  • Fully water resistant shutter range
  • Manufactured in a high-quality ABS plastic
  • Great for controlling the light
  • Lightweight & hardwearing
  • Two levels of shutter panels for maximum flexibility
  • Available in 23 paint colours
  • Suitable for Bathrooms, Kitchens and particularly wet spaces
  • Comes in 5 louvre sizes