Java Cafe Style Shutters

£324.00 per m2

Our Java ABS shutters are 100% water-resistant. This feature makes them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where the shutters may be subject to condensation and wet conditions. ABS, is a lightweight hardwearing plastic, a much more elegant material than vinyl, often used for manufacturing cheaper shutters. n Cafe style, the shutters will cover the lower portion of the window. An ideal and very attractive solution for windows on the ground floor overlooking a street or pavement or for first floor bedrooms and bathrooms requiring privacy and plenty of light.

Product Features
  • Fully water resistant shutter range
  • Manufactured in a high-quality ABS plastic
  • Great for privacy in street-facing windows
  • Lightweight & hardwearing
  • Cafe Style works well alongside curtains & Blinds already in the window
  • Available in 23 paint colours & 5 louvre sizes
  • Suitable for Bathrooms, Kitchens and particularly wet spaces
  • By only covering the lower window panes it allows natural light to flood in the top