Fiji Full Height Shutter

£297.50 per m2

Fiji are crafted from the highest quality & sustainably sourced hardwoods and are excellent at keeping homes cool in the summer months and warm in the winter. Incredibly lightweight they are well suited for large or more complicated shaped windows. Available in an outstanding array of colours and wood stains so that the natural grain of the wood can be visible. In one of our most popular choices of Full height, the shutter panels run the full height of the window or door. A Midrail can also be added to allow the louvres to be adjusted at the top and bottom of the panels independently.

Product Features
  • Premium Hardwood Shutter Panels
  • Option to add a mid-rail to increase flexibility
  • Simple and Elegant in design they are an extremely popular option
  • Sustainable Wood
  • Lightweight & hardwearing
  • Available in 23 paint & 27 stain colours
  • Works well with larger windows
  • Works well with Room Darkening Blinds