Cuba Full Height Shutter

£270.00 per m2

Cuba is our entry-level hardwood shutter manufactured from a mix of sustainable hardwood panels, but with a MDF frame. Due to the hardwood panels it is a lighter weight option than a purely MDF shutter, making it versatile & practical whilst also affordable for a hardwood product. Available in 23 colours. In one of our most popular choices of Full height, the shutter panels run the full height of the window or door. A Midrail can also be added to allow the louvres to be adjusted at the top and bottom of the panels independently.

Product Features
  • Entry Level Hardwood Shutters
  • Option to add a mid-rail to increase flexibility
  • Simple and Elegant in design they are an extremly popular option
  • Lighter weight than a purely MDF shutter
  • Works well with larger windows
  • Available in 23 colours
  • Available with 4 different louvre sizes
  • Works well with Room Darkeing Blinds