Where are your shutters manufactured?

Our Shutters are manufactured in China and distributed by S:Craft. We have incredibly long standing relationships with both our manufacturer and distributor.

The shutter market has grown from strength to strength and boomed in popularity over the years. With all expanding markets, there are good companies and bad ones and likewise the quality of products varies too. As Our Shutters are supplied by the UK’s leading supplier of interior shutters, S:Craft we know that our customers are getting the best.

The manufacturer of our shutters is based China and is the largest and most advanced market leader for manufacturing. They stand apart from other manufacturers, who continually mimic their products with varying degrees of success. Some of their competitors start manufacturing and within a year disappear without a trace, whilst others struggle on.

The main difference between our manufacturer and many of the smaller companies is that the smaller ones just don’t have the quality control or infrastructure to produce a first rate product time and time again. Our manufacturer regularly tests their components for the ability to withstand both UV and moisture.

The factory also has a labyrinth of extractor pipes making it a safe place for their employees to work. These subtle differences between their manufacturing techniques and those of other factories, make their product, we believe, the best in the world Second to that we also go out to China every year to check on the process ourselves to make sure that it passes our own quality control. We have every confidence that we provide not only the best quality shutter in the UK but in the world.

Manufacturing in China means that the cost of producing on a large scale is lower than producing anywhere else in the world and this cost reflects in the final price of your shutters. Although everything is produced in a large factory everything is made by hand so no big machines mass producing your products