Decoflex Honeycomb Blind

£186.00 per m2

Decoflex Honeycomb blinds are a similar design to the Smart Fit, however, they solely operate within a custom made built-in frame within your window surrounds. The addition of the frame further assists with minimising any light bleed and maximises insulation. The blind operates by lowering the blind from the top and raising the bottom, or if it can also be designed to operate from both top and bottom depending on your requirements. A Decoflex blind has discreet tension cords at the sides of the window. Light Filtering Honeycomb is semi-opaque, it allows an element of light to softly filter through but keeps out unwanted UV Rays and provides total privacy. Available in a variety of colours & pleat sizes

Please note frame depth is 32mm

Product Features
  • Wide choice of colours available to match interiors
  • Operate within a custom-built frame
  • Additional insulation & temperature control
  • Frame minimises light bleed further
  • Available in a range of cell sizes
  • Operates with a discreet tab bottom-up or top-down motion & additional side tension cords
  • Frame designed to fit directly within window surrounds